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Circografía de una travesti // English

A circus show that mixes Cyr wheel, acrobatics, skates and stilts with rap, text, projections and live music
50 min.

This “Circography of a transvestite” is a millennial autobiographical experience of Victoria that questions her adolescence and unlived queer childhood 🦄. The artist travels back in time and draws inspiration from feminine images from her surroundings – the women in the market, the neighborhood chonis and the dolls she never played with. A childhood obsessed with her mother’s skirt and heels 👠 while her grandfather sang and tapped flamenco rhythms on the table. When the reggaeton starts playing in the neighborhood, it means that she has entered adolescence 💣, that carousel of self-esteem, hetero-cis-normativity and lack of roll models. Victoria is a collection of iconographic obsessions of the feminine that have always been sought after by the artist but were difficult to access, having been raised and socialized as a man. Together with Victoria her fairy godmother is on stage, a technician who facilitates the journey by making music, live video projections, smoke, stilts and moving scenery.

Artistic Rider:
Idea and direction: Cia. Victoria Sickness
External eye: Quim Giron
Light design: Artur Díaz Barbagli
Soundtrack: Suzio Tarik
Graphic design: tyle fernández
Clothing: Tropidelia

For English subtitles please open in YouTube and select them under Configuration.

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