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Pero dime, qué es el éxito? // English

Cyr wheel, acrobatics and a lot of folklore
10 min.

“But tell me, what is success?” is the translation of the title of this show. Victoria wants to know.
Flamenco bulería rhythms, clapping, polka dot skirts and a circularly lit stage like a ring. 💅 Victoria enters the scene saying “the show’s over!” She is fed up with continually having to prove who she is – her gender and her identity. Identity is something undeniable within this creation 🐣. Victoria is a gender neutral person having to deal with her life in a binary world 🔻. Through the circus and the theater, Victoria opens up to the public to tell parts of her life and her obsession with success.

But what actually is success for Victoria?🚀🚀

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